Know a Kid That Wants To Be a Vet? Check out Boiler Vet Camp

Do you know a young budding veterinarian? If so then I’ve got a summer camp that will beat hanging out by the pool, will top playing summer baseball and will even trump a vacation at the lake. Boiler Vet Camp is an educational, fun-filled camp for kids that have interests in becoming a veterinarian or veterinary technician. Kids are exposed to laboratories, demonstrations, tours, and hands-on experience as they learn the varied roles and opportunities in veterinary medicine.

This past weekend, I made the trek back to my Alma matter, Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The purpose for my visit was for more than stopping off at an old watering hole or a walking down memory lane. My nephew was fortunate to be accepted into this year’s Junior Vet Camp, and I was among several relatives serving as spectator and cheerleader to this accomplishment.

What is Vet Camp About?

Each summer Purdue’s veterinary school holds two separate week long vet camps that give kids an inside peek into veterinary medicine. Junior vet camp is for kids due to enter 8th and 9th grades and Senior Vet Camp is for students entering 10th through 12th grades. Camp attendees spend a week living in a college dorm, get hands-on experience with animals, and learn about modern veterinary medicine.

Junior camp attendees learn about various animal species, while Senior Vet Camp attendees focus their efforts on small animal medicine and surgery. Just a few of the activities in Junior Vet Camp included observing a horse treadmill session used to evaluate its breathing, dissecting organs, visiting a dairy farm, learning about dog blood banks, watching a post mortem exam, handling piglets at a pig farm, learning about a zoo vet’s day at the Indianapolis Zoo and much more. At the end of the week the students give a presentation on a veterinary case that they solved. Also on the last day of Vet Camp, the attendee were recognized for their week of learning and received a certificate of completion along with an official Vet Camp doctor’s lab coat.

The list of activities had me wishing they had this camp when I was a kid. Who wouldn’t like giving a cow a pill, peering at blood samples on a microscope or dissecting a fish’s innards! If you know a kid that likes science and is attracted to veterinary medicine, then I can highly recommend the Purdue Vet Camp experiences.

How to Sign Up?

You should know that competition is tough to gain acceptance into Vet Camp. Prospective attendees must submit an application which includes an essay. This year, 650 applicants vied for the 50 spots in Junior Vet Camp and 40 seats in Senior Vet Camp. The fee for the Junior Camp is currently $950 and Senior Camp $1500. Financial aid is available as well.

The 2013 Vet Camps are already spoken for, but it’s never too late to look ahead to 2014. For science minded kids that have their sights on a career in veterinary medicine…the Purdue Vet Camp experience is an absolute “must do”.

For more information on Purdue Vet Camps visit the Purdue website at Boiler Vet Camp

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