Dr. Debbie's Top Holiday Pet Gifts

As Americans, we love our pets and include them in all household fun, including holiday gift giving. In fact, over 50% of American pet owners will be shopping for their favorite dog, cat, ferret, or another critter this holiday season. Wondering what to give the pet that special pet? Here are some cool gift ideas for that pet that deserves spoiling to the max.

As a veterinarian, I suggest pet gifts that provide more than short-term enjoyment and which prove useful in the prevention or treatment of a health or behavioral issue. Think beyond food or treat gifts this year and consider a pet gift with a purpose. You’ll keep your furry friend happy and healthy in the coming years.

FroliCat Twitch

FroliCat Twitch

Gifts to Keep Them Busy

Interactive toys and puzzles are designed to provide an outlet for mental and physical energy- an ideal gift for dogs that are prone to destructive chewing or separation anxiety. Check out food dispensing toys like the Kong Wobbler™ Dispensing Dog Toy. Also, the Canine Genius™ line of toys challenges your dog’s problem-solving ability. As dogs play with interactive toys it focuses attention, decreases boredom, and makes the dog work for his food.

With any chew toys, remember your dog’s size, jaw strength, and chewing history before shopping. Plush toys, soft latex rubber toys, and small edible bones are not suited for large dogs with powerful chew force. For large dogs, check out the Bionic™ product line, which includes balls and toys made of a durable rubber that withstands tough chewers.

Indoor felines will thank you for entertaining interactive toys by FroliCat ™. Check out the Pounce™, a furry critter that runs on a track, or the Twitch™ a teasing toy that bounces and swings about, providing kitty an outlet for that hunting drive.

The Gift of Good Behavior

Both kitties and cat owners will enjoy the gift of a clean litter box through the use of the Scoop Free ™ self-cleaning litter box. Keep the litter box clean to the most fastidious cat’s standards. A tidy litter box environment helps prevent litter box aversion and unpleasant house soiling. Check out the Scoop Free ™ features including motion-activated cleaning cycles and a disposable waste tray.

Boss sports his Thundershirt

Boss sports his Thundershirt

Other useful gift ideas for nervous pets are items that help them cope with anxiety. TheThundershirt ™ is a firmly fitting body wrap which calms dogs fearful of storms, fireworks, or car travel. Pair the Thundershirt™ up with a doggie pheromone collar such as the Adaptil ™collar, and you empower your pooch to cope with his fears in a natural way.   

Technology Goes to the Pets

If you are more a high-tech gifter, then consider Tagg- The Pet Tracker™ a GPS-outfitted dog collar. Using your cell phone, you can track and locate your pet via GPS technology. And the added feature of Activity Tracking allows you to monitor your dog’s daily activity and adjust exercise needs accordingly. Tagg –The Pet Tracker™ is more than another form of identification. It looks after your best friend to track his well-being.

Magnum models the Tagg-Pet Tracker collar

Magnum models the Tagg-Pet Tracker collar

Want to take pet fitness to a new level?  Look at the Dog Pacer Treadmill ™ an indoor dog treadmill that comes in a standard size for dogs up to 179 pounds, and now a small dog size up to 55 pound dogs, great for apartment dwellers. No more excuses about extreme weather- you can exercise your dog regardless of weather conditions. Daily physical exercise keeps your pet at a healthy weight, but also is an outlet for your dog’s abounding energy, decreasing boredom and naughty destructive behaviors.


The Best Gift of All

While these are all excellent gift options, just remember that the greatest gift you can give your pet is your love and attention. Appreciate your pet every day by cuddling on the couch or taking walks to the park. The close bond with your pet is the most cherished gift you both get to enjoy.

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